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365 Challenge Day 137 – Baptiste!!

4 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 27

So for the last 27 days, some friends and I have been going through Baron Baptiste’s book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution.  My main focus has been on daily yoga, daily silent meditation, and healthy eating.  Other friends are focusing a lot on journaling as well.  Anyway, I went to yoga class today, and guess who was in the back row of the class: Baron Baptiste!!!  He’s in town doing a workshop and was just there taking class.  I talked to him afterward and told him that I was doing his program with some friends around the world, he was thrilled!!  It was a fun surprise.
Yoga: Hour of Power class at the studio. My body felt great, strong. (Although my mind was pretty distracted having Baron in the back row : )
Meditation: I paid the price for my late night yesterday. Twenty minutes of meditation at 9pm, and I could barely keep from dozing off!! I think I stayed mostly conscious though, I felt the twenty minutes pass, in fact, felt kind of long.
Food: made a simple, healthy, yummy carrot soup with celery, onion, garlic, one potato, sage, bay leaves, salt and pepper. I just boiled everything and then blended it. It really hit the spot. I almost never cook fat-free, but I wanted something light.

Decluttering: Okay, I have a problem. Evidence suggests I am a food hoarder. My freezer is completely packed to the top. The stuff on top is all good stuff, some frozen Indian food for my son, frozen berries for my smoothies, black bean burgers for my daughter. And I know there are some bags of peas in there. But I have no idea what’s underneath and behind those things. I hope to find out this weekend.

365 Challenge Day 110 – Revolution!

6 Sep

Tomorrow I start my “challenge within a challenge”.  I will be doing Baron Baptiste’s program called 40 Days to Personal Revolution.  I’m so excited!!  The yoga studio I go to offers this program sometimes, but there isn’t one on the calendar, so I decided to start my own.  I recruited some friends, and they recruited more, and all together we have about 40 people in this virtual, international group!!  Including a couple in Brazil, and one in Canada!

Since I already started going to daily yoga several weeks ago, and eating vegan again, there isn’t that much new that will start tomorrow.  This is great though, because if I hadn’t already proven to myself that I’m capable of going to yoga class every day, I think I would be extremely nervous right now, especially since I’m the one leading the group! I don’t want to bail!!

The program also consists of daily meditation. This will be really interesting for me.  I’ve made a personal commitment to do silent, sitting meditation for 20 minutes a day to start.  I’ve done much more than this in the past, but right now I do not have any daily sitting practice, and this group is more about my yoga practice anyway.  But since I practice the yoga as a moving meditation, I think it will be very interesting to see how the silent meditation feels different.  To explore what it can add.  This may be a little hard for me to really stick to…

There is also a journaling component to the program.  Not sure what to make of this.  I will share if anything interesting comes out of it!!

Mostly, I am just SO excited that I am really committing to a strong yoga practice, and so excited to have a group to share it with!! It does feel like a Personal Revolution!!