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365 Challenge Day 38 – Dance!

30 Jun

I have done just about every form of visual and performing arts over the years, painting, photography, sculpture, writing, poetry, music, drama, and dance.  But most have come and gone.  For example I have absolutely no interest in drama or painting these days.  I tried taking up painting again a few years back and it felt like a chore.  But I have always LOVED dance.  My favorite job ever was working at a dance studio in my teens, I got free classes and would sometimes take three in one day!  My mom used to even let me cut school to take certain classes that were only during the day.  After HS I moved to NYC to follow my dance teacher who got a scholarship at Alvin Ailey.  After college I moved to Guinea and Senegal to study West African dance and to dance with local dance companies which I did for three years.  I never wanted to be a professional dancer, I guess I was too pragmatic for that.  Even my main dance teacher (my dance guru) told me I was smart, and I should go to college, not stop my education just to dance like his other students had.  But even knowing I wouldn’t make a career of it, I still gave it my all.

Mostly I feel grateful to have found something that I feel so passionate about, and love so much, and can still do.  Although I probably don’t do it as often as I should because I’ve got a million competing priorities and options.  One of my goals for this year should be to fit it in more often! It seems silly that we should have to make time for things we love, but somehow they seem to slip away when we get too busy.

Well, tonight I fit it in!  After a five hour bus ride home I got dinner for the kids, changed clothes and put on make-up, and went out dancing!  There was a House Music party tonight, my favorite.  It’s a small dance community and I love knowing that even if I go by myself at the last minute that I’ll run into lots of friends and have people to dance with.  It was just what I needed : )



16 May

Loving this song right now : )