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365 Challenge Day 32 – Running?

23 Jun

Well, I am having mixed results with my attempt to add running to my cardio routine (and by running, I mean slow jogging : )

Ran 20 minutes, great, loved it.
Ran 20 minutes a week later, great, loved it.
Ran 30 minutes three days later, loved it, thought it was great…
Then two days later something cramped up in my right hip, with a sharp pain radiating all the way around my hip and into my lower back! It was so painful! And kind of embarrassing because I could barely walk, barely bend over to pick something up, and barely sit up again from a laying down position. Not so good. I thought, Crap, well my running days did not last long.

I took a hot bath, I took some ibuprofen, and the next day I went for a long and slow walk to get the kinks out. That seemed to help a lot.

I missed my dance class the next day which I was really bummed about because I haven’t been in a while and was really looking forward to. But I was afraid I’d really hurt myself. I did manage to go out dancing that night though, which actually felt fine!

So now it’s been a few days, and I feel pretty good. My hip still feels a little sore, but I’m walking and bending over normally.

I have not given up on running!! I’m stubborn that way : ) I was too excited about doing it again to quit so easily. Next time I will make sure I stretch a little better afterward and the next day.

365 Challenge Day 28 – Running!

18 Jun

Just back from a 30 minute run!  Well, more like a slow jog : )  But I’m still super excited, and super proud.  I did 20, then walked a bit, then another 10.  It felt really good.  I love running at dusk. There was a beautiful sunset, I wish I took a picture.

I think I have Dr. Amen to thank for my inspiration: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.  AND, my Zumba class was full again!  Even though I called 10 hours before the class, I was 8th on the wait list!!  One of these days I’ll make it there.

Second day without any coffee.  My teeth will certainly be turning brown soon from all the tea I’ve been drinking. My plan is to switch more and more to green tea, and simultaneously start to cut back.  I’ve probably reduced my caffeine intake a little bit already, but not much.  I had a cup of decaf in the afternoon for a special treat, it was a rough day at work.  I don’t know how long I’ll be off of coffee for, but it is a good feeling to take on and (at least temporarily) conquer one of my toughest addictions.

I had my meditation group at work today, I sat for 30 minutes and it was really great.  It really helped me feel more centered during a stressful day.  I actually felt very focused, I kept coming back to Now, and grounding in my body and breath.

Food…  I still have not cooked, it’s terrible, I’ve been living on green smoothies, oatmeal, and prepared food from Trader Joe’s.  We’ve also been eating a lot of take-out.  Last night I made vegan nachos for dinner, and that was yummy, and satisfying, but definitely not on my list of healthy options!  I have no idea what to make, nothing I think of appeals to me.  Maybe this weekend I’ll look through my cookbooks and try to get inspired.

365 Challenge Day 26 – A Beautiful Day

15 Jun

I had a beautiful day.

I started early at the gym with a free fitness evaluation/training session. I wasn’t actually that impressed, but he did give me some core exercises that were really great!

Spent the morning at my son’s last soccer game of the season. He will remind me for years about the games I miss (he’s a bit of a complainer…) so I know he really appreciates it when I’m there.

I went jogging again today!! Twenty minutes without stopping. It felt great!! No pains. I was definitely ready to stop at twenty, but I kept walking afterward, it was such a perfectly gorgeous day.

And, I helped my daughter sort through her closet. Apparently she hasn’t put clothes away in months, maybe years. She had a huge pile of clothes just stacked in there, mostly clean but with some dirty, some of her brother’s clothes, and some of mine! We also went through her drawers. Jeez. We found items that looked like they hadn’t fit it 5 years! We got rid of three garbage bags of too small clothing, and we are not even done yet. My hope is once it’s organized she’ll be able to maintain it herself, but that may be wishful thinking!

So today: exercise, cardio, quality time with kids, decluttering, spring cleaning, green smoothies, and time walking/running around a pond and surrounded by trees and nature. And I saw a turtle!!


365 Challenge Day 20 – Cardio!!

8 Jun

I went jogging today!! First time in more than a decade.
I’ve been wanting to for a while now, months, but I was afraid I would hurt myself. Well, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow! I ran for 20 minutes straight without stopping, and then walked (slowly) for about 40. It felt really good. I love that feeling in my lungs after they’ve been working hard.
I’m feeling very proud : ) I really didn’t expect to be able to do it. I thought I’d only last a few minutes or have to alternate between walking and running.
I can thank Dr. Amen for my inspiration. I’m reading his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, and it’s very inspiring. It’s amazing how we can heal ourselves if given the right conditions.

I’m looking forward to going again soon!