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365 Challenge Day 46 – Rest

8 Jul

I had a meeting this morning at 7am, and I am not a morning person.  I had to actually be awake for it too, I was initiating a call to Afghanistan, calling in other participants, and facilitating the meeting, so I couldn’t just show up half dozing.  Anyway, this, plus the fact I’m off coffee, plus the fact I had a pretty fun weekend ;- ) has left me feeling exhausted all day.  Oh, and maybe the running I did yesterday contributed too.

I’m a little disappointed because Monday night is supposed to be our family gym night.  The kids didn’t want to go, and I gave in very quickly.

So, not much to report today!   I talked to my best friend on the phone for two and half hours, which was definitely time well spent.  Enjoyed the lightening and thunder storm and the torrential downpour that came after (and thwarted our plan to visit the outdoor pool.) Spent a little time organizing with my son in his room. Brought my daughter and her friends to the indoor pool.  Brought my son to buy some new clothes and some ingredients for homemade sushi tomorrow (actually he rejected all the clothes and bought a zombie fighting Nerf gun  with his own money instead, with glow in the dark bullets.)  Spent time looking out my window at the birds visiting the feeder, and looking at the tiger lilies which are in full bloom.  I definitely missed taking a walk today, but sometimes whether we want to or not, we take a day of rest.

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365 Challenge Day 13 – Rest

29 May

I’m still jet-lagged, and tired, my stomach is still bothering me, and I might be fighting off a cold.  I don’t feel sick, I just feel run down.

One of the reasons why this challenge is going to work, even though it’s for a whole year, is that I am listening to my body, following what I need, and not pushing myself.  Granted, this is the opposite of “discipline”, but I’m the first to rebel against a tight structure anyway.  I could probably use a little more discipline in my life, and maybe when I’m a real grown-up I’ll be better at it, but not tonight : )

I went to the fitness room on my lunch hour and did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, ab work, and some stretches for my back (oh yeah, add to my list of complaints, my back hurts! Sleeping and sitting on planes for more than 20 hours takes it toll!)  I had a green smoothie, kind of, it had soy milk, a banana, strawberry, and a big handful of spinach.  Light on the greens.  It was yummy!  And felt a little milder on my stomach.

Being too tired to cook tonight, I discovered a quick, easy, cheap, vegan meal that I can bring with me on my next trip: Trader Joe’s sells canned dolmas (stuff grape leaves) that come with a pull top. I wasn’t sure about having them canned, but they were delicious!  I paired that with a can of TJs organic lentil soup, also with a pull top.  A complete meal!!  Next time I travel I’ll bring those with me, and won’t even need a can opener.

There are a lot of things on my list that I would have liked to do tonight, like go to yoga class (and practice my scorpion pose!!) but I’m feeling like I need to rest.  Hopefully by the weekend I’ll be readjusted to this time zone and ready to go!