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365 Challenge Day 180 – Training

7 Dec

It’s our yoga teacher training weekend again!!  I’m so excited!!  It’s been more than a month since our last training and it’s been hard to keep the momentum going on my own.

We had class tonight, and then all met as a group.  The first weekend we learned two sequences that fit on two large sheets of paper they had hung up for us, but tonight they added about 10 more sheets!  There is a lot of repetition and we are all fairly familiar with the sequences anyway, but still, it’s a lot to remember!!

This will be good.  I have to admit I didn’t practice doing the sequence that much over the past month, because it was pretty simple, but now, wow, I’m going to have to spend a lot of time going over this over and over again to really feel like I’ve got it.  Which is good!!  That’s what will make me feel like I’m in a teacher training!  Even if a month goes by between weekends.

And once again, I’m feeling extremely grateful.  I love yoga.  I really love this style of yoga.  I love the teachers I’m working with.  And, this is such a great group of students, so nice and fun and supportive.  ❤ ❤ ❤

365 Challenge Day 150 – Revolution!!

27 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 40!!!

I did it!!  Woo hoo!!  Actually, the amazing thing is I did SIXTY days in a row of daily yoga, mostly at the studio!!

I’m not sure if I would say it felt like a “Revolution”, but it did feel amazing.  My body definitely got stronger, I can see and feel muscles that weren’t there before!!  My upper body, lower body, and core!  All stronger!!  There are two muscle groups that I think didn’t get much work, the calves, and the inner thighs.  So in the future I’ll have to figure out how to engage them in my practice.

The main thing that felt amazing, was to be able to follow through with discipline, motivation, and joy on something I’ve been wanting to do for at least a decade.  When I first discovered Vinyasa yoga, I realized I loved it!  And have been wanting to make it a priority ever since, to practice at least 3 times a week.  But up until a few months ago, I was never able to be that consistent with it.  I kept finding other things I should do instead.  Sometimes I was injured.  Sometimes I was tired.  Time is limited and I would often just choose other things.  But something finally clicked in me and I was ready to put everything else on hold and just do this.  I feel so proud!  And happy!  It’s like a dream come true!

The diet felt really great too.  I love eating vegan and am glad I was able to keep it up during the challenge.  I know I will continue to eat *mostly* vegan, but will likely add some occasional fish, which I’ve been seriously craving. My daughter has also stopped to being 100% vegan, so I guess the timing is good for that.  Oh man, I could go for some sushi!!

I have mixed feelings about the daily meditation.  I don’t know!!  It kind of felt like a chore.  I can’t say that I really felt the benefit of it.  I don’t think I’ll keep up the daily practice for now, but I am supposed to go on an 8 day silent meditation in December.

I won’t continue to do yoga every day, but I do REALLY plan on and hope to continue it as a regular practice.

365 Challenge Day 149 – Intention

16 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 39!!!

I want to share something  about the power of intention. A few months ago I went for hike in the woods, and a guy on the hike told me he was part of a rowing team. They met three times a week, practiced together, and then raced on the weekends. My immediate response was, “I wish I had a yoga team that would get me to practice three times a week!” At that time I was going to class very rarely. I imagined how motivating it would be to have a group who would be waiting for me to show up, and care whether I made it or not!!
Well, I did it!! Without even realizing what I was doing, or making the connection, I created that team, and that regular practice! I started the Personal Revolution group on FaceBook, friends joined, friends got other friends to join, and we’ve all been practicing and sharing or results.  It was only recently that I remembered the conversation and realized that my wish, which seemed completely random at the time, had come true!

Day 39? Awww.. I’m getting all nostalgic!!  Part of me is so ready for break, but part of me doesn’t want the group to end!!

Yoga: My yoga teacher kicked my butt at class tonight. I thought it was just me, that I must have been more tired than I realized, but then eventually figured out that the room was 5 to 10 degrees hotter than usual, and ujjiyi breathing was NOT happening, it was all mouth breathing tonight! My mat was near the door and there was a steady stream of people stepping out to get more water, or get a break, that doesn’t usually happen! Anyway, it was good!!
Meditation: Did 20, didn’t want to stop, did 10 more ; )
Food: Assorted vegan foods, all good, but my daughter caved and had a tuna sandwich and I was quite envious. Day after tomorrow…

365 Challenge Day 148 – Revolution

15 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 38

Whaaat??? Only two more days!!!!

Yoga: 75 minute class at hot yoga. I like the 75 minute flow!! We got to all the poses, but at a faster pace, and not as much talking. Perfect!

Meditation: 20 minutes.

Food: Okay, I tried something gross today. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I bought a can of vegan tuna fish. I was so impressed that it existed I guess I had to try it!! Plus, I was kind of hoping it would be good. When I opened the can it was this dark brown mush that looked and smelled like cat food. Ewwww…. I made a tuna salad with vegan mayo, celery, and scallions, and had some on a rice cake. I regret that.
But I also had something good, homemade vegan pesto from my mom’s backyard, with brown rice pasta and tofu. Simple. Yummy!

I also decided today that I need some new, healthy plants in my life.  I have several plants, but they are all 10 to 15 years old (impressive, right??) They are survivors, but they look like they’ve seen better days.  Probably some Miracle Gro would do them good.  But in the meantime, I have adopted a new addition to the family : )


365 Challenge Day 147 – Decluttering

14 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 37

Yoga: Did 40 minutes at home, lots of core work, supine twists, backbending, and some scorpion pose practice : )

Meditation: 20 minutes

Food: Peanut noodles with organic brown rice pasta and steamed broccoli.

Decluttering: Today I was a DECLUTTERING maniac!!! Is it possible my inner minimalist is finally finding her way to the surface?? I worked on my bedroom today. My bedroom usually looks pretty neat, but there was lots of hidden clutter. LOTS. I went through so many boxes. I recycled several bags of papers, threw away lots of crap, and have two bags of giveaways including many books. I have more empty storage boxes and shelves than I even know what to do with!!

365 Challenge Day 146 – Revolution

14 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 36

Yoga: 90 minute hot yoga class. (Also went running today which felt great!! I Think I’m finally building up some stamina if I can go to class AND do something else too.)

Meditation: 20 minutes

Food: vegan sushi. Yum. But when these 40 days are over, I may reward myself with the real thing!

Decluttering: went through two junk drawers and recycled a bunch of papers.

365 Challenge Day 145 – Revolution

14 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 35

Yoga: 40 minutes at home.

Meditation: 20 minutes.

Food: made my nacho ingredients again but with rice instead of chips. Not bad! A lot healthier.

Decluttering: did some cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen, didn’t get rid of much, but cleared off some counter space and it looks a lot better.

365 Challenge Day 144 – Revolution

14 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution: Day 34

Yoga: 90 minute class of hot yoga.

Meditation: 25 minutes (while fighting sleep : )

Food: vegetarian sushi and miso soup. Yum.

365 Challenge Day 143 – Revolution

10 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 33

Only one week left!!

Yoga: we were all so tired tonight! My night owl kids were both in bed by 8pm! I stayed home and did 40 minutes of yoga. It was a mellow session, but I did a lot of core work and practiced scorpion pose! A lot! Fun!

Meditation: 25 minutes. Not a lot of focus. But interesting to watch the mind wandering.

Food: vegan, gluten-free, but not exactly healthy… My official bad habit has become vegan nachos for dinner. Corn chips, refried beans, vegan cheese, salsa, guac, and corn salsa. Darn it! If I replaced the corn chips with brown rice this would have been a pretty decent meal!! Next time : )

365 Challenge Day 142 – Revolution

9 Oct

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 32

Yoga: another great 90 minute class at Baptise. The guy next me did a perfect scorpion pose. Very inspiring!!  It’s been a few years now that this has been my goal.  Still working on it!!  (need to be more consistent with the practice!)  Of course, the guy was also a little nutty and was moaning loudly and mumbling to himself throughout the entire class, so there is that too…   : )

Food: I made pumpkin soup and it turned out SO DELICIOUS! Pumpkin, celery, cauliflower, garlic, veggie bullion, sage, a little earth balance margarine. YUM.

Meditation: 20 minutes