365 Challenge Day 110 – Revolution!

6 Sep

Tomorrow I start my “challenge within a challenge”.  I will be doing Baron Baptiste’s program called 40 Days to Personal Revolution.  I’m so excited!!  The yoga studio I go to offers this program sometimes, but there isn’t one on the calendar, so I decided to start my own.  I recruited some friends, and they recruited more, and all together we have about 40 people in this virtual, international group!!  Including a couple in Brazil, and one in Canada!

Since I already started going to daily yoga several weeks ago, and eating vegan again, there isn’t that much new that will start tomorrow.  This is great though, because if I hadn’t already proven to myself that I’m capable of going to yoga class every day, I think I would be extremely nervous right now, especially since I’m the one leading the group! I don’t want to bail!!

The program also consists of daily meditation. This will be really interesting for me.  I’ve made a personal commitment to do silent, sitting meditation for 20 minutes a day to start.  I’ve done much more than this in the past, but right now I do not have any daily sitting practice, and this group is more about my yoga practice anyway.  But since I practice the yoga as a moving meditation, I think it will be very interesting to see how the silent meditation feels different.  To explore what it can add.  This may be a little hard for me to really stick to…

There is also a journaling component to the program.  Not sure what to make of this.  I will share if anything interesting comes out of it!!

Mostly, I am just SO excited that I am really committing to a strong yoga practice, and so excited to have a group to share it with!! It does feel like a Personal Revolution!!


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