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365 Challenge Day 133 – Revolution

30 Sep

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 23 –
40 minutes of yoga at home, focusing on releasing pressure and tension in my lower back. It was late before I could get started, almost 10pm, and I felt a little sense of dread, but of course I was really glad I did it and my back feels a lot better.

On another topic, I went into my bathroom tonight and it smelled funky!  (Not the good kind of funky.)  I looked around and noticed I had dumped my yoga stuff on the floor yesterday after class.  Up until now I’ve been really good at doing laundry every single day.  Well, even though it had only been 24 hours, the stuff stank!  I put it all in the laundry with an extra long cycle, hot water, two capfuls of laundry detergent, and a box of baking soda.  Wish me luck!!  Hope it comes out smelling normal!!

365 Challenge Day 57 – Retreat

24 Jul

Day 1

I was kind of dreading going on this retreat.  I have been having very mixed feelings about Buddhism in America, particularly around the way it focuses on silent meditation exclusively, and is not very family friendly.  This was a family retreat, but it was the last one, cancelled after 30 consecutive years.

I procrastinated so much on going.  My kids were packed and ready hours before me.  I did laundry.  I wrapped up some stuff for work.  I went running in the pouring rain and got thoroughly drenched (which was pretty fun, and made me feel like a bad ass : )  Eventually the kids begged me to leave and we hit the rode, arriving 5 minutes after the check-in was supposed to close.  But they kept it open for us.

Despite all my reservations, and the anger and sadness I was struggling with, I was surprised to feel happy to be there.  I was immediately greeted by many friends, families, and kids.  It felt happier and more joyful than I expected.

At night I stepped outside and saw a dozen fireflies hovering around.  I smiled and laughed out loud.  I love them!

365 Challenge Day 37 – Quality Time

29 Jun

I’m still in NY. I spent the day with my kids at the Brooklyn Piers. The sun bouncing off concrete feels twice as strong as when it hits grass and dirt! We walked around, spotted the Statue of Liberty, went swimming in the outdoor pool, and got lunch and soft serve ice cream (well, they got the ice cream, I got unsweetened iced tea, which I was equally as excited about!) It was a very rare day spent entirely with my kids and they didn’t even have their cell phones with them. And they survived! I feel like these are days they will remember for years to come.

I was far from vegan today. I had tuna salad for lunch and sushi for dinner. I have to admit both were delicious and satisfying.

The kids are watching a movie, and rather than sit with them and watch Finding Nemo again (which I would consider a form of torture) I’m in the next room and did 30 minutes of yoga. First yoga in a while! It felt really good!! After running and Zumba on Thursday, sitting in the bus for 5 hours yesterday, and then swimming and hours of walking today, I needed a good stretch!!

A New Beginning

14 May

I’m traveling again for work, and with five hours a night sitting in the hotel room by myself, of course, I’m inspired to write again.  No kids, no dishes,  just time, ideas, and inspiration.

Looking at my last posts, I realize how much things have shifted for me in the past couple of years.  WOW.  I feel so different in so many ways.  I was even thinking of deleting all my old posts and starting from scratch!

I still want to talk about yoga, and spiritual exploration.  I’d also like to put more emphasis on nutrition and a clean, healthy, plant based diet. And write a bit about exercise, in addition to walking and yoga, I’ve been doing more cardio and some strength training with weights.  And ZUMBA!!, which I absolutely love : )

I did a lot spiritual and mentally therapeutic work over the last few years, and feel like wow, I really made some important changes!!  So now, my energy is focused more physical health than on mental health.

I also feel an intense need to INTEGRATE my practice.  What do I mean by this… ? I have thought so much about this I will probably have to write several blog posts on the subject.  In a nutshell, I mean I don’t want to practice by escaping life (I’ve come to view the silent meditation retreats that way.)  Instead I want to live a full, passionate, loud, messy, sexy, REAL life, and practice with THAT!  I have been meditating for well over 20 years, and I know that is still part of who I am, but it started to feel fake.  I want to meet life head on, as is, authentically, and find the joy within the chaos.

I don’t know, I’m still thinking of deleting the old posts!! I want a fresh start!!  For now I’ve just changed the background color from a warm brown, to a pure white.  And the theme from a dark brown to a groovy pink.  I feel fresher, clearer, and lighter already!