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365 Challenge Day 252 – Green Smoothie +

27 Mar

I’m bringing my green smoothies to a new level! I’m very excited about my brown rice protein! Free from allergens, easy to digest, vegan, and totally healthy. I have to admit it’s not the most delicious thing I’ve ever had… I made a smoothie with blueberries, mixed greens, and rice protein. It was… Okay. I’m sure it would be easy to make it more delicious if I wanted to add sweetener or more fruit. But for now I’ll stick with this and try to acquire a taste!! I’ll tweak it a bit. It definitely felt chocked full of healthy goodness!!


365 Challenge Day 68 – Traveling

3 Aug

Another day in DC.  I finally checked out another place to eat that my friends recommended called the Protein Bar.  I LOVE this place!!  Next time if I go I’ll have to make sure it’s during their “happy hour” time, when their 20 ounce smoothies are half price.

There smoothies are awesome.  They have a variety of different protein powder options including soy, egg, or whey, in vanilla, or chocolate, and then tons of add ins, and different kinds of milk.

I got the PB & J.  It had peanut butter, frozen strawberries, and a bunch of frozen blueberries.  I got the vanilla soy protein and some almond milk as a base.  I skipped the agave nectar, thinking that would make it taste too sweet.  It was SO GOOD.  And beautiful : ) I’m excited to make this at home!!

photo 2