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365 Challenge Day 292 – Costa Rica

28 Apr


I didn’t feel too guilty skipping the surf lessons because I knew I’d go ziplining with the kids.  And we had SO MUCH FUN!!  My son and I are both afraid of heights, so I wasn’t sure how it would go.  He went from being hesitant about doing it all, to saying he’d like to work there so he could do it all day long.  It was amazing.  My arms, legs, and core were so sore by the end of the day, we worked hard!!  There was also a natural pool in the rocks with a waterfall, you could jump off the rocks into the pool, and there was a rope you could swing out and drop into the pool.  Like I said, so fun!!

365 Challenge Day 198 – Quality Time

29 Dec

My son spent the weekend at a friend’s house, and my daughter’s friends are mostly away on vacation, so this gave me a rare opportunity of some one on one time with my fourteen year old daughter.  She’s still pretty sweet as far as teens go, but definitely chooses her friends over hanging with mom if given the option, I don’t blame her!

So we had a girl’s night in : )

It was pretty fun.  We baked cookies (well, she baked, and I cleaned up after her without complaining, that was my contribution : )  We watched a movie together.  This may not seem that special, but I really don’t like movies so we haven’t done this in years!  And we did each others’ nails!!  I never paint my nails so this was also quite unusual!!  Every time my daughter catches a glimpse of my hands, she smiles, admiring her work.

These days of hanging out with her are few and far between.  And I only have her at home for a few more years.  The time feels really precious.

365 Challenge Day 173 – Quality Time

23 Nov

My son is getting harder and harder to pry away from his video games.  So today I decided to spend some time with him, whether he liked it or not!

After going to my morning yoga class, I went home and told him to get ready that I would take him out to lunch and to an exhibit I really though he would enjoy.  He complained bitterly that he didn’t want to go to the exhibit, and when he realized we were taking the subway instead of driving he really lost it!  He was so mad!!  But I dragged him along.  Once we got there he immediately forgot his grumpy mood and was thrilled by all the food choices, just as I knew he would be!  The food court at this place is legendary! We walked up and down all the vendors twice so he could make his best choice, which he decided would be a lobster roll.

Then, we went to the exhibit.  It was an art exhibit completely made of Legos, called Art of the Brick.  Yes, I said “art” and “Legos” in the same sentence!  They were pretty spectacular.  The dinosaur had over 80,000 pieces.

IMG_3006 IMG_3007 IMG_3008 IMG_3011

My son admitted that it was “pretty interesting”.  He enjoyed himself.  But the highlight of the day for him was seeing the street performers outside afterward.  There was a guy who juggled 3 machetes while balancing on top of a 12 food pole.  There were break dancers, and one of them did a flip over four crouched down audience volunteers.  I hope this day is something my son will remember for the rest of his life!


365 Challenge Day 157 – Quality Time

4 Nov

The day before Halloween (I’m a few days behind on my posts!) I skipped yoga, didn’t make any outside plans, and just spent the evening hanging with the kids getting them ready with their costumes.  My daughter decided to make her costume from scratch, and that was pretty fun.  It was mostly fun for me because she took the lead, and I could just cut the fabric and follow her directions.  It’s pretty rare these days that my daughter will spend hours hanging out with me, so I appreciated the opportunity. During this we discovered that we both love Indonesia and quickly grabbed my son to convince him that someday we should take a family vacation there : )  It was good that I was there to keep her from panicking when some of the plans didn’t work out and we had to brainstorm for last minute changes.  When the costume turned out absolutely amazing my daughter told me I was “the best Mom in the world.”  Wow.

365 Challenge Day 82 – Quality Time

12 Aug

I had a really nice night with the kids.  It was just one of those nights when everyone was in a good mood, joking, getting along, and laughing.  We all ate dinner at home, all did some chores, turned off the “screens” without any arguments, looked through cook books for some vegan recipes, and then we all went to the gym together.  Finally!  The gym memberships for the three of us has felt like a total waste of money.  We hardly ever go.  But tonight I talked them into it, and told them we’d just do 30 minutes.  I don’t think they broke much of a sweat, but they did put in their time and enjoyed themselves, and I’m hoping to establish more of a routine.  My son was very excited about lifting some weights, which was pretty cute.

365 Challenge Day 75 – Yoga

5 Aug

I did yoga at work today during my lunch hour.  I had originally planned on doing some strength training, but I was running late and short on time, and decided not to waste time changing into my workout clothes.  So I lay down on the mat, in my office clothes, just to do some back stretches.  I ended up doing a good 45 minutes of thorough poses.  Luckily my pants were pretty stretchy!  I even did headstand and practiced scorpion pose.  And I did plank and some core strengthening.  It was great!  There is something very fun about doing a headstand in the middle of a workday : )  I was surprised how centered I felt, really dropping into my practice in the bright building fitness room.

I am also proud to say I ate nothing but home-cooked food today.  I packed a lunch and had my Haitian food leftovers, black beans, rice, plantains, stewed vegetables, and avocado.  My office-mate is Haitian and she had almost the exact same lunch.  She gave me some tips on making everything a little tastier because it did come out rather bland.  Then for dinner I made soft tacos with the kids.  We used soft corn tortillas, grated cheese (for the kids) tomatoes, homemade guacamole, cilantro, refried beans, shredded cabbage, and diced jalapeno.  My son said we should make fish tacos sometime, and I surprised him with the cod I had cooked last night.  He was very excited.  It was a great family meal, which we at outside in the backyard, a rare moment of relaxing outside with the kids.


365 Challenge Day 26 – A Beautiful Day

15 Jun

I had a beautiful day.

I started early at the gym with a free fitness evaluation/training session. I wasn’t actually that impressed, but he did give me some core exercises that were really great!

Spent the morning at my son’s last soccer game of the season. He will remind me for years about the games I miss (he’s a bit of a complainer…) so I know he really appreciates it when I’m there.

I went jogging again today!! Twenty minutes without stopping. It felt great!! No pains. I was definitely ready to stop at twenty, but I kept walking afterward, it was such a perfectly gorgeous day.

And, I helped my daughter sort through her closet. Apparently she hasn’t put clothes away in months, maybe years. She had a huge pile of clothes just stacked in there, mostly clean but with some dirty, some of her brother’s clothes, and some of mine! We also went through her drawers. Jeez. We found items that looked like they hadn’t fit it 5 years! We got rid of three garbage bags of too small clothing, and we are not even done yet. My hope is once it’s organized she’ll be able to maintain it herself, but that may be wishful thinking!

So today: exercise, cardio, quality time with kids, decluttering, spring cleaning, green smoothies, and time walking/running around a pond and surrounded by trees and nature. And I saw a turtle!!


365 Challenge Day 23 – Quality Time

12 Jun





Today instead of going off to do my own thing as I usually do on Wednesday nights, my son had a mid-week soccer game, and I volunteered to drive out with four of the boys (yes, I’m a soccer mom, and I have the Rav4 with a third row to prove it.) I stayed and watched the whole game, and it was one if the best I’ve seen them play. After we took he whole team out to pizza.

It was really nice to spend that extra time with my son. I know it means a lot to him. I missed a lot of his games while I was traveling. Finding quality time with the kids seems harder and harder as they get sucked into “screen time” and social media and prefer time with their friends.

I also took a beautiful walk at lunchtime and saw a red winged blackbird, some golden finches (I love them!) and the absolute highlight of my day, a mama and papa swan with five baby swans!! I’ve never seen baby swans before. And my coworker told me that swans mate for life. Amazing.