As long as I can remember I have been on this spiritual journey.  Since early childhood I have been drawn to questions of religion, spirituality, ritual, and life.

My main spiritual practice is Theravadin Buddhism.  Many people practice mindfulness and meditation in a way that is more of a science of the mind, but for me it is a spiritual journey of the heart.  I use my meditation practice as a way to connect to my true nature, other people, and something greater than myself.  I have done more than 15 silent meditation retreats, ranging between 3 and 12 days.

In addition to Buddhism, I also have a mystical practice called Susila Buddhi Dharma (Subud, for short) that is originally from Indonesia.  It is a practice that does not rely on the mind and human effort, and instead leads to a direct connection to the Divine through grace and surrender.  I find it to be a perfect compliment to my meditation practice, which can at times involve a lot more thinking and effort.

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