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Mindfulness and Your Perfect Weight

17 Feb

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Mindfulness and Your Perfect Weight

Mindfulness Explained

29 Jan

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Mindfulness Explained

365 Challenge Day 105 – Breath

1 Sep

Once again, I didn’t want to go to class today.  I was thinking today could be a ” rest” day for me, and it was so beautiful outside, I just wanted to go for a walk.  I miss walking, but haven’t had the energy to do both.  As I was telling my friend about my plan, she was congratulating me on how great it is that I’d done yoga 15 days in a row, and I started telling her how much I love it… and suddenly I wanted to go!

It was an awesome class.  The teacher put a lot of emphasis on bringing the attention back to the ujjiyi breathing, and I can honestly say I was able to stay with the ujjiyi breath almost the entire class!!  I felt very focused, centered, and present.  Yoga really is a moving meditation for me.  And I really feel it by staying present with the breath, and with the body.

Last week I ran into a friend, he is someone I know from the meditation center where I used to go, and I’ve even been on a few retreats with him.  He told me how he also has been doing a lot of yoga.  I asked him if he brought mindfulness to the practice and if it was a meditation for him, and he said no.  He said he would like to, but that he couldn’t yet.   I was so surprised.  I know he has been practicing meditation for a long time, I’ve been seeing him there at least ten years.  If you can do sitting meditation, and walking meditation, I’m not sure why doing yoga would that big of a leap.  I would have liked to hear more from him about that, but he had to run.  It makes me wonder what he thinks meditation is. Maybe we have different definitions of what it is!  Even though we have the exact same teachers!

Anyway, it really is a meditation for me.  Almost all of the insights and techniques I used in sitting meditation, I can apply in yoga, and in a much more integrated way that feels more connected.  And for me, focusing on the breath is one of the ways in.