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365 Challenge Day 63 – Caffeine

27 Jul

How many weeks was I off coffee?  Three or four?  I remember the day I went running  a couple of weeks ago in the morning, and then drove five hours to Brooklyn, I felt that I deserved an iced soy latte!  It is a slippery slope!  Ironically, being at the retreat center I got back to a daily morning coffee habit, and even had some in the afternoon many days.  This is funny because most people do the opposite and use retreat time to give up coffee.  The retreat center doesn’t buy or provide coffee, but there are always generous souls who leave some behind as a gift for us addicts.  There was a bag of Pete’s French Roast that was amazingly good with soy milk and a little agave nectar : )

We’ll see.  I am still feeling motivated to cut back or eliminate coffee.  I don’t have any coffee at home, and yesterday I went to Starbucks twice which means more than $10.  Ridiculous!!!

365 Challenge Day 55 – Kitchari!

15 Jul

Last night I cooked up a big pot of kitchari, and I’m very excited.

Kitchari is a simple Indian dish, often used for cleansing or balancing the system.  It is easy to make, and easy to digest.  It is a one-pot meal, with the rice, beans, vegetables, and mild spices all cooked together.  It is very balanced and can be eaten exclusively for days, or even weeks, if doing a cleanse.

Recipes vary, and can be adapted to taste, or depending on what ingredients are on hand.  This week mine has: brown basmati rice, red lentils, cauliflower, and peas, all organic, of course : )  Flavored with olive oil, turmeric, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, ginger, and salt.  It turned out even tastier than I thought it would!  Yum!  It is also delicious with coconut mild cooked in.  I often add spinach and then top it with fresh cilantro which makes it even richer in vitamins and minerals, and more delicious!

Even when I’m not doing a cleanse, I love making up a big pot and then just taking a break from cooking, or worrying about what to eat.  This way I can also focus on cooking something for my kids and not eating something I don’t want (pasta!) or not having to prepare three separate meals!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, after my healthy lunch, I had a sweet and unhealthy treat.  I have mentioned before that I am pretty much off sugar with the exception of sweetened soy milk for my coffee or tea.  Well, today I got a green tea Frappuccino from Starbucks, and even though I asked for no extra sweetener, it was disgustingly sweet.  The soy milk is sweetened.  The matcha (powdered green tea) is sweetened.  And I’m pretty convinced they ignored my request and added more sugar anyway.  I feel really grossed out that I drank it.  I think I need to ban myself from Starbucks…