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365 Challenge Day 25 – Staycation

14 Jun

I stayed home and enjoyed the 2nd day of my 4-day weekend.  It’s lovely.  I could do this every week…  sigh.

Well, I didn’t do an hour of yoga, as I had committed to yesterday.  The day just got away from me!  But I did 30 minutes.  Which felt really good.

I mostly continued with my spring cleaning today!!  I’m on a roll!  I love getting rid of stuff, it is time consuming, but just so satisfying!

I probably should have taken a “before” picture of my fridge to get the full effect, that would have been too embarrassing.  Let’s just say I couldn’t let anyone help themselves to a snack from fridge for fear they would get food poisoning.  I cleared the whole thing out, threw lots away, washed a lot of tupperware, and wiped it all down.  I also ordered a couple of parts (the middle shelf on the door has been broken for months.)  These are the little things I never get to! So, probably not very exciting for other people to read about, sorry, but I’m thrilled!


I also spent some quality time with my daughter, which is not an easy thing to do these days.  It mostly involved me driving her and her friends around.  But they appreciated it.  I even got a “Thank you, love you” from her, which was mostly sincere : )

I realized today that I haven’t really cooked since I’ve been back from Madagascar three weeks ago.  The first week I was exhausted, the second week I went to DC, and this week…  I have no excuse.  We’ve been eating a lot of take-out.  And I’ve been living on green smoothies and canned soup.  Next on the list of goals is menu planning/grocery shopping/cooking.  Maybe that will happen this weekend in between soccer matches.  In the meantime, I noticed when I cleaned out my fridge that I own a lot of hemp seed protein, guess I should start adding some to my smoothies!