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365 Challenge Day 79 – Standing

8 Aug

My back has still been hurting, a lot.  And the only thing that aggravates it is sitting.  I can achieve some comfort by using two cushions to take the pressure off my tailbone and support the lumbar.  But this is annoying for two reasons: 1) even with the cushions the pressure hurts at some point; and 2) it’s so bad that I have to use the cushions every single time I sit, so I carry them around all day with me at work, even for 30 minute meetings.

So, today I’ve raised my desk again to work standing.  I’m really determined to do this more often, but for some reason this is challenging for me.  Yesterday I was sitting all day, and my back was so sore, and I knew I should stand, but I didn’t, because it felt like too much effort.  Silly.

Now that I’m doing it, I remember I do actually like it.  It feels pretty comfortable.  I walk around the office a lot anyway, and usually have a couple of hours of meetings a day where I am likely to sit.  My co-worker gave me a tip.  He keeps his desk at standing height all the time, and when he wants to sit he takes his laptop to another location, like a meeting room or the cafe.  This is a great suggestion, there are plenty of places to sit around here.

Stretching helps my back a lot, as does walking.  So I also need to make sure I take breaks to do those things in the middle of the work day.

Moral of the story:  Sitting all day is bad, bad, bad.