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365 Challenge Day 173 – Quality Time

23 Nov

My son is getting harder and harder to pry away from his video games.  So today I decided to spend some time with him, whether he liked it or not!

After going to my morning yoga class, I went home and told him to get ready that I would take him out to lunch and to an exhibit I really though he would enjoy.  He complained bitterly that he didn’t want to go to the exhibit, and when he realized we were taking the subway instead of driving he really lost it!  He was so mad!!  But I dragged him along.  Once we got there he immediately forgot his grumpy mood and was thrilled by all the food choices, just as I knew he would be!  The food court at this place is legendary! We walked up and down all the vendors twice so he could make his best choice, which he decided would be a lobster roll.

Then, we went to the exhibit.  It was an art exhibit completely made of Legos, called Art of the Brick.  Yes, I said “art” and “Legos” in the same sentence!  They were pretty spectacular.  The dinosaur had over 80,000 pieces.

IMG_3006 IMG_3007 IMG_3008 IMG_3011

My son admitted that it was “pretty interesting”.  He enjoyed himself.  But the highlight of the day for him was seeing the street performers outside afterward.  There was a guy who juggled 3 machetes while balancing on top of a 12 food pole.  There were break dancers, and one of them did a flip over four crouched down audience volunteers.  I hope this day is something my son will remember for the rest of his life!