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365 Challenge Day 72 – Coffee

3 Aug


It’s sad. After several weeks without coffee (three, four weeks?) I am now back to drinking it every day.  And since I haven’t had any at home, I’ve been at Starbucks every day, $ $ $.  Lately I’ve been getting a venti soy latte which has THREE shots of espresso and costs almost $6.

Tonight I had dinner with a friend.  He really wanted desert after and so I innocently accompanied him to get some ice cream.  It didn’t even occur to me I’d get anything.  Well, I was very surprised to see they had multiple vegan flavors!!  And not nasty sorbets; real, creamy ice cream, one soy based, one coconut based, and one hemp.  I (again, in complete innocence) asked to try the soy coffee ice cream.  Just a taste.  YUM.  Two of my favorite treats combined into one delicious indulgence!!  I got a small, which turned out to be pretty big, more like a medium or large size.  And it was STRONG.  Not a smart thing to have at 10pm.  And I knew that!! But I did it anyway!!

So.  Now it is almost 3am.  And I am WIDE AWAKE!!!  I should channel this energy into cleaning my room or something, but I took a benedryl and am going to try to get some sleep.

Starting tomorrow I will cut back.  One cup in the morning.  And then green tea in the afternoon.  This is getting out of hand.  Oh yeah, and no more ice cream either!