Moderatism- Better than Minimalism

5 Feb

Somewhere in between the starkness of Minimalism, and the burden of Maximalism, there is Moderatism, the middle way.


Nisargadatta Quote

3 Feb

Nisargadatta Maharaj Quote

Kicking the Coffee Habit

2 Feb

I keep it pretty healthy, but my one vice was a five cup a day coffee habit.  Yikes!  Well friends, I’m on day three without coffee, and doing fine!

Read here about how I went from five cups a day to zero.

Kicking the Coffee Habit

~ Amber

Ten Tips for Starting HOT Yoga!

30 Jan

Hello friends,

If you are interested in starting a hot yoga practice, and have questions about what to expect, check out this blog post on my new site: !

Ten tips for starting HOT yoga




Mindfulness Explained

29 Jan

If you have been wondering about Mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, what it is, why it’s useful, and how to do it, then check out my post on my new blog!  Mindfulness can improve health, decrease stress, and bring more joy and happiness to your life!

Mindfulness Explained

Food Allergies, Sensitivities, and Your Health

29 Jan

Ten years ago I was frequently exhausted, and spent most of my free time on the couch.  Figuring out my food allergies has changed my life!!  Today I feel healthy, energetic and strong.  Read more about my story on my new blog,

Food Allergies, Sensitivities, and Your Health

Vegan Recipe: Quinoa, Black Bean, and Mango Salad

28 Jan


Come check out my newest blog post at!  Find the recipe for this yummy salad here:

Vegan Recipe: Quinoa, Black Bean, and Mango Salad

A New Home for TrueBodyMindSoul!!

25 Jan


Hello friends and followers!!

I am excited to announce a new home for True Body Mind Soul!

I have purchased the domain, and started a new blog (well, a continuation of this blog!) at

I hope you will come check out my new site for posts about yoga, meditation, mindfulness, health and happiness.

Here is one post, for example, that you should definitely read : )

Ten tips for starting a hot yoga practice (2)

Ten tips for starting HOT yoga

Hope to see you soon!


True Soul

365 Challenge Day 315 – GRADUATION!!!

9 May

I did it!!  It’s official, I’m a certified yoga teacher!!!!

Wow oh wow oh wow.  Even though I’ve worked so hard over the past six months, I still can’t believe it.

In a way this is fulfilling a lifelong goal.  My mother was a yoga teacher, and my father was a yoga teacher!!  They lived in a yoga ashram when I was born, and the Guru named me!!  So yeah, it kind of feels like destiny.  And my sister has a 2 year old at home, but I am quite sure in a few years she will be a yoga teacher too : )


Here I am celebrating in my backyard on graduation day : )

365 Challenge Day 314 – More Jars

9 May

Okay, I know I’m getting a little too excited about my jars, but they just work SO WELL!!  I’m tempted to throw away all my plastic tupperware, but I’m not quite there yet.

This week I made my own homemade almond milk and cashew milk.  It’s much yummier than the store bought brand because they add so much water.  Nuts are expensive but I’m prettier sure mine ends up being a lot cheaper.  The only downside is it doesn’t keep long, I can only make a couple of days worth at a time because it spoils.  I wish I could make up a whole batch on the weekend for the week.  Oh, I just thought of a good plan.  I can make almond milk on the weekend because it requires slightly more work (straining the fiber through a nut bag) while the cashew milk is super easy, no straining required, so if I have to replenish mid-week on a work night, I’ll make that.

And yes, as pictured below, I’m back on coffee : )  And yes, I’m drinking it out of a jar!