365 Challenge Day 312 – Organization

9 May

As I am unpacking my bags from Costa Rica, I’m realizing how much progress I have made this year in moving from “survival mode” of being a working single mom with two kids, to getting my head above water and having the time and energy to plan, organize, and simplify.  Of course there is evidence of this all around, so it’s funny to say what made me have this thought:  Sunblock!  Every summer since I’ve had the kids I would buy several bottles of sunblock which ended up scattered throughout the house in various boxes, bags and closets.  Last year during some cleaning I gathered it all together, and was dismayed to find over 20 bottles!!  Some probably 10 years old!  Not only did this show me how things were chaotic and messy behind the closet doors of my house, but also showed me a huge waste of money.  Sunblock is expensive!!  I probably threw away about $200 worth that was old and expired.

When we were planning our trip to Costa Rica I almost fell into the same trap.  I was at CVS and was going to buy some, but then I hesitated.  When I looked at home, I found several (recent) bottles that were plenty for our trip.  Done!  I also found the mosquito repellent so I didn’t need to buy it again.


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