365 Challenge Day 308 – Pasta

6 May

I read a bit of a blog on eating for less than $30 a week.  One of the tips they gave was to limit the amount of veggies you buy, and then use them in multiple dishes throughout the week.  This seems so obvious but is something I’ve never been good at!! I’m terrible about buying up a bunch of veggies, using a little, letting it rot in the fridge, buying more, etc.

So after three days in a row of my rice, beans, and veggies mix, I started to get a bit bored of it.  I came up with a brilliant solution!  I cooked some rice pasta (I already had two half used bags in the cupboard) added in the veggies I had cooked, added some vegan cheese, and white beans, and tomato sauce (again, already opened in the fridge, probably would have gone bad) and voila!  A veggie casserole!  Enough for three, big, hearty meals.


These are my pint and half mason jars.  One great thing about them is they are slender so they can easily fit in the fridge!


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