365 Challenge Day 307 – Rice and Beans

6 May

I ate so much fish when I was in Costa Rica, that I’ve been taking a break eating vegan again and it feels really good.  My digestion is still off, but I’ve been taking lots of probiotics and it seems to have helped.

BTW – Can I tell you again how much I love mason jars???


I cooked up a bunch of rice and beans on the weekend, and a bunch of mixed veggies.  I packed them all up into these little serving containers so I could easily throw them in my bag in the morning before heading to work.  It helps that I was on vacation when I planned all this.

I made a fresh spice mix with jalapeno, parsley, garlic, and salt, and a little olive oil, and used this as a base for both the rice mix and the veggie mix.  It’s still a little bland, but I ate it with some fresh avocado, and it was good!!  (And cheap.  I’m trying to replenish my savings after my trip.)


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