365 Challenge Day 301 – Savings

4 May

When I bought my house 8 years ago I started an “emergency” fund and have been putting $100 a month for a recent grand total of over $10,000.  I always considered this money untouchable.  Well, when I was thinking about doing the yoga teacher training I decided to go ahead and use the money, it was just sitting there!  That was $4,000.  And as I feared, once I touched it, it was a slippery slope.  I then decided to put another $4,000 towards my student loans which I’ve been paying for more than 20 years.  And this month took out another $1,000 for our Costa Rica vacation so I wouldn’t put the extra cost on my credit card.  So my nice big fat savings account is now down to a measly $1,000 : (

I don’t really regret any of these decisions.  I’m so glad I’m doing the yoga teacher training, I love it, and it’s a life changing course, who knows where it will lead me?!  I think it’s smart to aggressively pay off my student loans.  I know it’s smart to avoid credit card debt.  And our vacation was absolutely amazing and the kids will remember it forever.  My philosophy is to enjoy life, not to simply accumulate money.

So, no regrets!!  BUT, now it’s time to replenish.  I’ve decided I will feel more comfortable with $3,000 in the bank.  And I do want to continue to make extra payments on my student loan too.

This month both my kids have birthdays, and there are few things I want to buy, and then I’m gearing up to do another three months of “not buying it” so I can put some cash back in the bank!


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