365 Challenge Day 300 – Decluttering

3 May

Successes and fails.

I’m doing some good spring cleaning today!!! And getting rid of some stuff!!! So far I have a big bag of trash, and a big bag of giveaway. In the giveaway so far I’ve successfully let go of five paid of shoes, about $300 worth of oil painting supplies (that I haven’t touched in 10 years) and many beloved African print skirts and tops that I’ve been holding out for more than 20 years.


In the bag of trash is my popped air mattress that I have not been able to patch. This is frustrating, but I’m ready to give up. Plus, my friends bought me a replacement one.

In the pile of things I have failed to get rid of, but know I should, are a bunch of “projects”, clothes that need to be altered or sewed or repaired in various ways. I’m still holding out a bit of hope that I might get to them someday. And one African skirt that I can’t part with yet, I love the fabric so much, I may have to make it into something else… Someday : )



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