365 Challenge Day 298 – Costa Rica

30 Apr

The money.

Yikes.  I just tallied up the expenses for the trip, and it’s a bit of a shocker.  The grand total is just about $5,000.  This is a bit more than I had hoped, I had planned on it being closer to $4,000.  But this includes everything, even getting the passports renewed which was about $400.  Travel expenses were about $2,000 (airfare and shuttle each way.)  The food in Santa Theresa was pretty expensive.  We ended up spending between $40 and $60 on every single meal.  We ate a few meals at the hotel which had a kitchen, but honestly eating out was one of the highlights of each day, and there wasn’t much else to do!  If I had been there by myself I would have been happy to eat the local “casados” platter every single day for about $5 or $6.  But my kids like more variety than that, especially my son, and then when you include a side of guacamole and chips and a few fruit smoothies, it adds up quick.

Well, I’ve got two birthday parties coming up, and a few things to buy, and then after that I’ll go back into frugal mode.

The good news is I did not put anything on my credit card.  The bad news is I took $1,000 out of my savings which is at an all time low.  Time to replenish.

All in all, it was so worth it!!


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