365 Challenge Day 296 – Costa Rica

30 Apr


I finally managed to take a yoga class while here in Costa Rica.  It was a 9am class, and after a long day of snorkeling yesterday the kids were happy to sleep in, and just relax at the hotel.

The class was not what I expected!!  Everywhere I looked in town there were signs up for Vinyasa flow, including at this studio, so I just assumed that’s what the class would be.  But it was a Kundalini class, which I had never done before. Okay, woah.  “I channel all of my classes from the Mayan calendar so each one is different, and today is a green serpent day.”  Oh boy.

She talked a bit much at the very beginning, and I started to get really anxious, I wasn’t there to listen to her talk, I wanted to move!  I kept thinking about my kids alone at the hotel.  I was wondering how horrible it would be to just get up and leave.  But once she got started I got into it.  It wasn’t the kind of yoga postures I’m used to.  It was more pranayama, more visualization, and a lot of repetitive motions to get the energy flowing.  I actually kind of liked it!


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