365 Challenge Day 291 – Costa Rica

28 Apr

One of the things that seemed so appealing about this town is that it is a destination spot for yoga retreats.  There are a dozen yoga studios in the area, with styles from Hatha to Ashtanga, Vinyasa to Kundalini.  But here is the ironic thing, I can tell I’m not going to make it to any yoga classes while I’m here.  I would have to leave the kids by themselves, or drag them along with me, and we have had so many other things planned each day.  I realized that my priority is to spend time with them, and do fun things together as a family, and I can take yoga classes anytime.  Plus, I really love my yoga studio at home and any time I take a class someplace else I’m disappointed.  And, hey, I’m spending about $4,000 to become a certified yoga instructor, so I figured maybe I can use those skills to just to yoga on my own at the hotel, which is what I’ve been doing.  It’s actually a pretty spectacular view, we are up in the tropical hills with tons of birds and even monkeys.  I can hear the howler monkeys calling out as I go through my flow on the front porch : )


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