365 Challenge Day 285 – Sacred

28 Apr

I took a yoga class today in which the teacher was very bold and unfiltered.  It was definitely not a style I’m used to.  She would curse and say things like, Stir that shit up!  She had us do a body scan and said to find spots in our bodies that needed attention, “Maybe it’s your right hip, maybe it’s your left hip, maybe it’s your vajayjay, maybe it’s your anus!” Yes, she said vajayjay in yoga class.

She seemed so confident and casual with it all that it didn’t feel awkward, at least not to me.  But it did make me wonder.  When we go to a meditation or a yoga class, if it’s more than just exercise, we are often trying to create a sacred space.  On the one hand, everything is sacred, so maybe it’s good if you can say “anus” in class and still bring us towards the sacred.  But on the other hand, by using “vulgar” language a teacher may be making it a lot more difficult for people to feel that they’ve left the everyday world behind for a moment and entered a sacred space.

It’s interesting to contemplate.


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