365 Challenge Day 282 – Be With

28 Apr

In our yoga teacher training several weeks ago we did an exercise called Be With, where we each had to stand in front of the class for about 3 minutes while everyone stared at us.  Well, this time they brought it to a new level.  We each had to chose a partner, sit a couple of feet across from each other, and stare into each others’ eyes. I’ve done this exercise several times before and each time started with a sense of dread.  This time I felt ready, I guess that’s progress.  I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, but at least I wasn’t dreading it.  Each time in the past I did it for about 5 minutes, which felt like forever.  This time my crazy teacher had us do it for not 5, not 10, not even 20 minutes.  FORTY minutes of staring into our partner’s eyes.

It was a very emotional experience for many people.  People shared afterward, and there was so much going on!!  They were saying how they felt like the person’s mother, and wanted to protect them, or they were worried about them, or they could feel the love coming from the person which made them cry, etc.

Well, I don’t know what I’m missing, but this exercise has never made me cry.  It didn’t bring up any strong emotions for me at all.  I also can’t say it felt particularly transformative.  But the person I had as a partner was the one I felt the least comfortable with in the whole group, I find him very abrasive.  But I was able to set aside judgement, both of him and of the exercise, and just be with it and be with him.  So I guess it’s good to know I can do that.


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