365 Challenge Day 280 – Grumpy

28 Apr

This past week of work has been rough.  I had a big disagreement with my supervisor, something that I had a hard time just dropping and really let get under my skin.  As I was stewing about it I thought, You know, I really need a vacation.  I took a week off in December to go on my meditation retreat which was actually quite challenging, and that was the only vacation I took since last summer.  Wow, almost a year.  And you know, I have six weeks saved up to use!!

Towards the end of the week things started to shift anyway.  I realized it wasn’t good to disagree with my supervisor and that in this case I should just hold my tongue and do what he asked of me, and when I actually felt better.  He was happy, and I was happy because I wasn’t battling anymore.  But I’m still ready for a vacation : )


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