365 Challenge Day 278 – Yoga: Imagery

28 Apr

One thing I love noticing is how different teachers use different images while teaching yoga.  Some are successful, some less so, some are downright disturbing!!

When doing cat and cow poses my teacher asked us to rotate our hips around in a circle, like we were a knife scraping every last bit of peanut butter out of the peanut butter jar.  Sounds good, I liked that one.  But today I went to a class with a new teacher and she said to imagine we were like a toilet brush scraping around the toilet to clean it…  Ewwwww.  No thanks.

A good one for me was imagining I was standing on ice (when in a wide leg stance) and that I needed to pull my legs together to keep from slipping out.  This really helped me to actively engage the muscles in my inner thighs and legs.  And an image fail, one of my teachers said to imagine that our nipples were crazy glued to our thighs.  Yuck.  What the heck?

I’m not really at the point when I’ll be using that much imagery yet.  But I’m excited to think about it!!


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