365 Challenge Day 267 – Spending

28 Apr

Okay, my “Not Buying It” challenge is officially over.  In preparation for our vacation we went to Target, my first time there in many months, and I easily spent almost $400.  Both my kids got some summer clothes.  I bought goggles and a snorkel for my son (he’s 12 and the rented ones don’t usually fit him.)  I also told him I’d buy him new headphones, and he insisted on using $60 of his own money to get a $100 pair!  Boys and their toys : )  Noise-cancelling, wireless.  He does love them though, I’ll give him that.

I also spent almost $400 to get their passports renewed.

My kids have each grown about 5 inches from last year, and each seem to need a whole new wardrobe.  I’ll try to limit the spending, but it’s gotta be done.


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