365 Challenge Day 264 – Yoga: Space

28 Apr

Unfortunately I’m not sure if Space was considered one of the elements by our yoga teachers, along with Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.  But they did talk about it and the importance of being mindful of Space when teaching yoga.

There are two aspects, the physical, and the energetic.  The physical aspect of space is the more obvious, such as the physical space the students take up as they do the postures, the physical space of the room such as the size and the contents, and the physical space the teacher takes up as they walk around the room and teach.

The energetic aspect of Space is one of the most important aspects of teaching, according to my teachers.  They say the students won’t necessarily pay attention to the words you are saying while you teach, and they certainly won’t remember what you said.  And if it were just about saying the names of the poses out loud then you could just as easily put on an MP3 and walk out of the room.  But it’s not about that, it’s about the energy that the teacher brings, this is what the students will remember, and this is what they want.


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