365 Challenge Day 253 – A Journey

27 Mar

In the yoga teacher training my teachers spent quite a bit of time talking about Vedic Astrology. I found it all very interesting, but had some doubts about the relevance for our future as teachers.

The twelve signs are described in a sequence as a story, starting with a seed, that gets planted in the soil, blooms in spring, etc. The first six signs are about the development of the self. And then the next six are about going beyond the self, realizing we are not separate, opening to our oneness with the rest of the Universe.

And then, suddenly, the meaning of it all landed for me. My teacher started describing this same journey in a single yoga class. The students come to class lost in their heads, spinning from their day and their lives. The beginning of class is about getting them to ground into their bodies. Developing and being present in the “self”. Leading all the way to the end of class when in Savasana, the student gets a chance to release the self, and open up to a oneness with the Universe.


I love the idea of bringing my students on a journey every time they come to class : )


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