365 Challenge Day 251 – Too much?

27 Mar

Last weekend when had our teacher yoga teacher training, and there was lots of talk and instruction, but there was also a LOT of yoga.  I mean there always is.  We did one 90 minute hot vinyasa on Friday evening.  One 90 minute hot vinyasa on Saturday at 7am.  Then during the training we taught another full class, at least 100 minutes, not heated (we took turns teaching, but for most of it we were the students!)  Then on Sunday we did another two 90 minute classes in a row, heated.  And then, taught each other for another 90 minutes at least, not heated.  I was so wiped out by the end of the weekend!!!  That was at least 9 hours of yoga that weekend, with almost 5 hours on Sunday alone!!

I did do a little bit of yoga this week, I practiced teaching and for a couple of the classes I did the practice along with my friends while I was instructing.  I needed to get the kinks out!!  But I had no desire to go to the studio this week!  And now that it’s Friday again, and time for another teacher training weekend, I’m thinking Oh no!  Not again!!  I mean, I’m looking forward to it, but also, already tired and sore just thinking about it!

Is there such thing as too much yoga???


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