365 Challenge Day 250 – Intention

26 Mar

It’s funny that I’m debating about whether I should buy bird seed or not.

This weekend my yoga teacher told a story in the training and in class.  She went to visit her brother, and there were all sorts of birds and animals that came to his backyard all week.  She said it took her about five days to realize that he was feeding all of them and had about 24 bird feeders in his backyard!  (well, she tends to exaggerate, lets say he had a lot.)  This was such as powerful metaphor for her.  If you want birds, you have to put out the bird feeders.  She even quoted the Field of Dreams, “build it, and they will come”  (personally I thought that was a really stupid movie, but I like the quote.)

I’m thinking about that.  What are the areas in my life that I want something to happen, and I just need to create the right conditions for it to happen?

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