365 Challenge Day 248 – Not Buying It

25 Mar

One week countdown!!!  I’m almost at the end of my New Year’s Resolution to not buy anything non-essential for three months.

I did pretty well!!  The only impulse buy I had that I regret is a book, which I have barely opened, so it definitely could have waited.  It’s funny, in the very first week of January I started with a shopping list of things I’d need to buy come April 1st.  I thought it would just grow and grow, with a new five or six items being added every single day.  But actually, in the three months, it’s pretty much stayed the same.

Here is my shopping list for April 1st:  new yoga mat, some new yoga pants, new floor mats for my car, new clothes for my kids (just some basics, they grow fast)…

Is that it?  I know I have more items, but those are the ones that jump out at me.  I haven’t actually been writing down a list which is probably for the best!!

I feel like I really broke the habit of overspending.  I’d like to continue like this as much as possible so I can be more mindful and strategic with my money.

I know I’m a bit of a geek, but I can’t wait to do some analyses at the end of the month!!  To see how my spending habits changed!


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