365 Challenge Day 246 – Space

23 Mar

This weekend I have my yoga teacher training.  We are getting close to the end!  It’s exciting!!  Tonight we took class together, and the teacher led us in the sequence exactly the way we’re learning it.  It was great to have it in our muscle memory.  In our training we’re still teaching in a “bare bones” style with very little additional instruction, just the poses, so it was great to hear how it will play out in a real class setting.

Our teacher talked about “space” as one of the most important elements (as in fire, water, etc.) that we will find in a yoga class.  He said it is also one of the most easily overlooked.  I wish I had taken better notes.  He talked about the physical space in terms of room size, walls, floors, furniture, colors and such.  And also talked about energetic space, and we hold that space with our presence.  He said yoga teachers tend to talk too much, because we feel uncomfortable leaving room for the space, and plus we have so much we want to share.  We did an exercise in which we talk the class, in real time, so holding poses for 5-10 breaths or longer, but we didn’t say anything other than just calling out the pose and then waiting in the silence.  The result was that our energy dropped.  So our challenge will be to hold the space, keep the energy with our presence, but not talk for sake of just talking!

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