365 Challenge Day 242 – Yoga: Teaching!!

19 Mar

Our homework for my yoga teacher training has mostly been to practice teaching so we become really familiar with the sequence.  It may sound easy to memorize a sequence, but man, it’s been harder than I thought.

For one thing, we have the sequence memorized in our bodies, but not in minds.  Using language seems to access a completely different part of the brain!!  Saying the poses out loud while doing them is a baby step, and helps a little.  But standing still and saying the poses is so hard!!  I feel completely disconnected.  At any moment I feel like I could forget what I just did and where I am in the sequence.

Also, practicing by yourself is totally different than practicing in front of a group!!

But over the last couple of weeks I have gotten together with friends from the program and gone through the routine.  Practice makes perfect!  Or at least improvement : )

This week I even practiced on one of my co-workers during our lunch hour.  And I’m really having fun with it!!


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