365 Challenge Day 240 – Vegan

19 Mar

I have been far from vegan lately.  I don’t know what’s going on with my stomach, but I have not been able to digest beans well, I get instantly bloated, so I’ve been avoiding them and eating fish instead.  But I like to get a good amount of protein, so I’ve been eating fish just about everyday!  At work I often buy a tuna sandwich if I haven’t brought anything because options there are very limited.  I am imagining my body filling up with mercury like a glass thermometer!  It’s freaking me out!

Today I even had some chicken.  I cooked it for the kids, and ended up eating a piece, but then felt really gross afterward.  Mostly psychologically.

All this is to say I need a break.  I’m ready to do a vegan cleanse for a bit.  Plus, it’s spring, time to lighten up a bit (ignore the fact that it’s in the teens outside.)

This will require two things, I need to cook and bring my own lunch to work, and I need to get some extra protein, probably with a protein shake such as hemp or rice protein.


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