365 Challenge Day 237 – Sweets

19 Mar

I am so proud!!  It’s getting to close to a year since I went on my health food kick and stopped eating sweets.  And I have not faltered!!!

The one thing I sweeten a bit is my coffee.  I’ve gotten in the habit of putting a little agave nectar into my coffee and soy milk.  It’s very funny because I had been drinking coffee unsweetened for 20+ years, and just about the same time I gave up sugar in everything else, I started sweetening my coffee.

I do sometimes still crave dessert.  Tonight was one of those nights which made me think of it.  I ate some dates, which are incredibly sweet and delicious!  And I had a bowl of unsweetened apple sauce with some soy milk on top.  Very creamy and yummy.  Sometimes I still make my “PB&J” smoothies with a soy milk, frozen blueberries, and a big spoon of peanut butter.  YUM.

But I have not even any candy, chocolate, cake, or cookies.  Not even one bite, since last April.  It’s awesome because I’m not even tempted.  And I am surrounded by all of this stuff everyday at work.

It feels great!!!


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