365 Challenge Day 236 – Blogging

19 Mar

Wow, I am so far behind on my daily posts…

I got to the point where I felt I was going to start to repeat myself over and over again.  More yoga, more juicing, more struggles eating vegan…  not really anything new.

I also have just been having a harder time getting on the computer.  I’m on it all day at work, and not that interested in getting back on in my free time.

It’s interesting and ironic.  I think the blog really is what gave me that extra bit of motivation to really prioritize all the areas I wanted to.  BUT, now that I have prioritized them, and integrated them into my life, I don’t want to blog anymore!!

But I do want to finish out the year.  So maybe I’ll try to do some blog blasts in spurts and try to catch up.  Forgive me in advance!


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