365 Challenge Day 235 – Spending Spree

28 Feb

Two months into my “Not Buying It” challenge, I was doing so well, and I’ve had a major setback…  My fridge and cupboards were starting to look a little spacious, which was nice, but no more.  My mom asked me if I wanted anything from Costco, and I decided to just go with her.  I thought, I’ll only buy items if they are organic.  And I figured there would be two or three items.  I got REALLY carried away.  Wow!!  They have a LOT of organic foods at Costco now.  A LOT!!  And I bought about 2/3 of them.  If you knew how tiny my kitchen is, and how little storage I have, you would realize that this was a slightly ridiculous thing to do : )  Luckily I stuck mostly to non-perishable items, so I don’t think much will go bad.  I feel like I have enough silken tofu, canned corn, canned soup, apple sauce, mac & cheese, and frozen berries to last a few months!!  I really hope it takes my daughter 6 months to go through that 10 pound bag of sugar with her baking!

I saved the receipt so I can compare the prices.  My feeling is the stuff wasn’t cheap, but was definitely reasonable.  But if the stuff I bought works out to the be the same as at TJs, I might as well go there and not become a food hoarder!!  I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon figuring out where to hide this stuff!

Oh, did I mention how much I spent?  Ummm….  Yikes.  $450!!  No joke.  I did a few non-food items, trash bags, razors, and probiotics.  But the rest is all food.  My kids kids better LOVE this stuff.  I got a huge $10 package of chicken tikka masala, and chicken coconut curry.  I REALLY hope it doesn’t go to waste.


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