365 Challenge Day 234 – Debt

20 Feb

How do people feel about having debt?  My credit cards are paid off (for now : ) and I definitely hate having credit card debt.  But I still have student loans, car payments, and a mortgage.  This kind of bothers me, but I accept it.  I have friends who hate having debt so much that they will make extra payments to pay off their student loans early, or even pay off their mortgages early!  I think because I had kids and started working part-time right after I finished grad school, that just never felt like an option for me.  I’ve always paid the minimum.  But at the same time I have made choices that were based on enjoying my life rather than paying off debt.  When I was really broke and the kids were little I got a tax refund of more than $6,000.  Did I put it towards my student loans?  Hell no!  I bought three tickets to Senegal, West Africa and went on a vacation/adventure with the kids!

The student loans are starting to annoy me though.  I’ve been paying them off for more than 15 years, still have a ways to go, and I don’t even want to think about how much interest I have paid!  Maybe, just maybe, if I really figure out how to spend less money day to day on food and other living expenses, I can start to pay them off more aggressively.  I’ve only got a few more years before I’ll take on a whole new round of student loans for the kids.


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