365 Challenge Day 233 – Not Buying It

20 Feb

This post is part of my “Not Buying It” three month challenge, three months without shopping, inspired by Judith Levine’s book.

I’m about halfway through my Not Buying It challenge.  It’s going fairly well…

Let’s see. Well, I got my tax refund and the good news is my credit cards are completely paid off!!  And I have money set aside for our vacation so it won’t go on my card.  Yay!!

I definitely splurged on some groceries this month.  Didn’t spend as much effort trying to use up the ingredients that are already here.  But my cupboards and fridge have more space than they usually do, so that’s a good sign. I’m not hoarding : )

I really haven’t bought much.  I’m not thinking about it as much these days, so I have to really stop and remember to make sure I’m not overlooking something.  But it’s mostly that I’m out of the habit of shopping, which is great!  The only thing I can think of is I bought some very necessary winter gear, good gloves for my son when he went snow boarding, and new hats my daughter and myself because we had both lost our favorites.

There is a book I want to buy, the library doesn’t have it.  I still want a new yoga mat, a good one.  Some new yoga pants…  that’s all I can think of that I want come April 1st.


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