365 Challenge Day 231 – Yoga: Core

20 Feb

I may be just scratching the surface, but I feel like I’m finally accessing my core strength.  My teachers say it is much much more than just ab muscles.  That part is still a fuzzy for me.  But in the area of the abs, I can really feel my muscles engaging, A LOT!  And it’s great!

I’ve never had great balance.  I did dance as a child and a teen and whenever I would go up onto one foot, I was always very wobbly.  This was very frustrating because I was taking pretty advanced classes as a teen, but couldn’t master this basic skill.  And my core was always very weak.  I don’t know how some people have naturally strong abs!  But I certainly didn’t!!  I remember one of my friends in high school poking me in the stomach for fun, and then being shocked at how “soft” my stomach was.  I was very thin, but still had a soft stomach, hers was taught and hard!

Now, I feel my core muscles engaging throughout the day.  Just walking around, I can feel them.  My balance has improved!! I go up on my tip toes and feel very solid, no wobbling!  Of course, I also try to feel my core engaged during yoga class in different postures, to lengthen the spine and take any pressure off the back.

I can still only hold plank for less than a minute though, so I know I still have a ways to go…



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