365 Challenge Day 229 – Juice?

16 Feb


Darn it, only my second day of juicing and I’m already having second thoughts.  This is actually not juice, it’s a smoothie.  The good news is my Vitamix is fixed and I have it back again!!  I was going to make a juice, but I just couldn’t bring myself to waste all the pulp.  I threw it all in the vitamix instead, thinking that it might make me gag, but it was actually really good.  And I got two of these big glasses.  If I had made this into juice it would have been less than half of this.  Here are the ingredients I used (all organic, of course):

Peeled Granny Smith apple; Celery; Romaine lettuce; Unpeeled cucumber; Baby kale

Maybe it’s an acquired taste, but it really was delicious!


One Response to “365 Challenge Day 229 – Juice?”

  1. livingonchi February 16, 2015 at 5:56 pm #

    Those Granny Smith apples really make a difference. You can also add a handful of grapes and they also add a nice flavor. I love Vitamix! I also have a juicer. I feel better on the juice, but it’s much much more work to juice than to use the Vitamix.

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