365 Challenge Day 228 – Juice!!

16 Feb

I gave my juicer away several months ago.  And I was very proud of myself for decluttering…  But, then I recently watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2, and decided I wanted to juice again!!  I asked my friend if he was actually using it, and he wasn’t and happily returned to it me.  Yay!!

I still think green smoothies are the way to go.  But there are some juices that are just gross as a smoothie.  I like that tangier juices that have things like celery and radishes in them.  I tried making them in a smoothie.  I gagged.  And I just like the idea of getting all those nutrients in one glass!! The movie was very inspiring!

Tonight I put in carrots, romaine lettuce, a pear, and cucumber.  I forgot to put in the celery : (  I was going to take a picture but the orange and green mixed into a pretty nasty brown color.

I feel great!!  It might just be the sugar?  But I drank the juice and I just felt this burst of energy and aliveness!!  I could feel all my cells just tingling!  I’m serious!!


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