365 Challenge Day 227 – Water

14 Feb

I was running a little late for class tonight (post-blizzard parking issues, don’t get me started!) and arrived just as the class was starting.  I found a spot at the far end of the room set up my mat, and then immediately realized I had forgotten to fill my water bottle!!

So, rather than walk by everyone again and disrupt the class, I decided to go for it.  I thought at a later point if I needed to leave to get some water, I would.  I also realized I couldn’t use my yogitoes towel without wetting it, so I started straight on my mat (which I never do!)

Guess what, I was fine.  I am really surprised, but I really didn’t need the water or the towel.  Crazy!!  I would have thought those two totally essential!!  I got a little thirsty right away, but then it just stayed at that level the whole class, my thirst never got any worse.  And I sweat a little, but not enough to really drip on my mat, so I did fine without the yogitoes too.  The only pose I didn’t do was wheel because I have known a couple of people to slip out of it and really crash.

This was a very eye opening experience!!  It is really good to know that in a pinch I can go to yoga class with nothing but my mat!  And also good to know that just because I feel a little thirsty doesn’t mean I have to get a drink that very second.


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