365 Challenge Day 226 – The Numbers

1 Feb

January is done, so I have one month of “Not Buying It”, to see how I did…  not so great.  Not bad, but I could definitely do better.

According to my financial tracker I spent a whopping $655 on Food and Dining in January.  WTF?!?

This is definitely an improvement over my average spending, because I can easily spend over $1,000 a month.  But this is still a lot for someone who is trying to not spend any!!

I did go a little nuts before the blizzard and stock up, turns out I spent over $200 that day alone.

Most of my money went towards my mortgage, condo fee, and condo insurance which I prepaid for the whole year this month.  And, of course, I spent almost $2,000 on a vacation which I will take with the kids in April, but had to pay for now.  All the rest of my expenses were pretty low.

I did a pretty good job of not buying “stuff”.  I wanted a new yoga mat, new yoga pants, some books, more plants for my house, new floor mats for my car, and many, many, MANY more items, that I did NOT get.  Yay me!!

But I looked back at my spending from last year, and somehow in January and February last year I did the same challenge and managed to spend almost NOTHING on food each month!  I don’t know how the heck I did that!!  In January I spent $111, and February $81, and that includes groceries and eating out.  By comparison, in August I managed to spend $1,700!!!  I looked through to see if there was anything weird, but no, we had a vacation, and just ate out a lot that month.  Yikes.

So, today is February 1st, and I’ve got lots of food in the fridge and in the cabinets.  Let’s see how I do this month!!


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