365 Challenge Day 224 – Blizzard

30 Jan


Here in New England we got more than two feet of snow this week.  It was quite a storm, with lots of wind, and as always we prepared for the worst thinking we may lose electricity and get snowed in for days, unable to cook, or replenish our food.  I had been pretty good this month about only buying a minimum of food, just a few items at a time, and using up from my stock, but man oh man, this blizzard brought out the food hoarder in me.  I stocked up.  Darn it!!  Of course, this is the quantity of food I would have bought EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. this month if it wasn’t for my attempt to cut back, and I only did it once.  And some of it will last me into February…  so I still came out ahead, but I did probably get a little carried away.

The good news is while I was snowed in for two days, I did do quite a bit of cooking, and made some delicious homemade hummus, quinoa tabouli, and a quinoa salad with craisins, almonds, and chick peas which I can bring to work for the rest of the week.

One more day and the numbers will be in for this month : )


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