365 Challenge Day 223- Green Smoothie Fail

28 Jan


This looks a lot better than it tasted…

Here is the bad news: My Vitamix broke!!!  It sounded funny for a little while, then the motor was spinning kind of sporadically, the speed would go up and down on it’s own, and then, it started smoking!!  It is still under warranty so I can send it back and they will fix or replace it.  But in the meantime my green smoothies leave something to be desired.

After watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2 last night, I’m re-inspired to get back into juicing and making green smoothies.  At the same time I have certain fruits and veggies I may need to avoid for a little while (spinach, strawberries and bananas, all my smoothie stables.)  So, this one has blueberries, celery, cucumber, Boston lettuce, and water.  It was actually a pretty good combo, but, I made it my food processor and it was a little chunky, I was literally chewing it as I drank.  Ewww.

But it felt good to get those nutrients into my system.  As I always say, It’s an acquired taste.


3 Responses to “365 Challenge Day 223- Green Smoothie Fail”

  1. vickiewhat January 28, 2015 at 10:03 pm #

    I can’t live without my faithful vitamix. They will replace it, no problem. Thanks for reminding me that a smoothie-a-day, keeps the DR. away. Happy blending. Cheers!

    • truebodymindsoul January 29, 2015 at 12:38 am #

      I can’t wait for them to fix it! I use(d) almost every single day! I have to admit I’m still disappointed that it broke after only 3 years of normal use. But thank goodness it’s still under warranty.

      • vickiewhat January 29, 2015 at 12:45 am #

        To my knowledge, Vitamix is the only company to give a 7 year warranty. They rock. Besides the old faithful fruit/veggie smoothies I have been making my kids wild with 1-2 cups plain yogurt (I use raw yogurt, it’s so good) 1 banana, 1tsp cinnamon, 1tsp grade b maple syrup, 1Tblspn chia seeds, 1 cup frozen berries (and whatever else u you may have or want). They think it’s the best dessert ever! May your Vitamix return to you swiftly and in perfect working order!

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